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in development


Feature | Thriller

Status: Optioned

Writer: Michael Jones

Producers: Josh Michaels, Max Strand

Amy, an antisocial loner obsessed with recording audio, takes her hobby to murderous extremes when she sets out to capture the sound of a DEATH RATTLE.


Feature | Horror

Status: Optioned

Writer: Michael Jones

Production Company: Public School Pictures

A chef stranded in an air pocket after a shipwreck must navigate deadly ocean depths and the vessels mysterious cargo to survive.


Feature | Action/Thriller

Status: In Development

Writer: Michael Jones

Production Company: Zero Gravity Management

Elliot and Lucy, a grieving couple living off-grid, assist federal agents who recruit them to track down bank robbers lost in the wilderness. As they navigate treacherous terrain and evade dangers, they must confront their own demons while fighting for survival.


Podcast | Comedy

Status: Development

Writers: Michael Jones, Chris Pahlow

Producers: Michael Jones, Chris Pahlow

A comedy/drama podcast about the phone calls no one wants to make, and no one wants to take. Each episode features a new character facing a similar challenge. Something’s gone seriously wrong and they need to pick up the phone and deal with it... But things aren’t always as they seem, and there’s a big difference between small talk and real talk.

Developed with support from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

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